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Each Malongo Coffee Pod is pre-dosed at 7 gms to provide consistent quality to the espressos. They are sold in boxes containing 12 pods.

Jamaican Blue Mountain

The most prestigious and rarest of Arabicas. The coffee, selected from the finest varieties of Arabica, is roasted in the traditional way giving you an exceptional aroma and taste.


Typically Italian, strong with a cast-iron character. Preferably drunk out of a very small cup for a truly authentic experience.

La Grande Reserve

A blend of the most noble vintages of arabica coffees. Deliciously smooth with a rich and remarkably refined aroma.

Colombie Supremo

Coffee that has been cultivated on the South America high plains. Aromatic, with a fruity flavour and light body.

Bresil Sul De Minas

Without a doubt the very best of Brazilian coffee. Smooth and creamy with a rich aroma.


Fruity flavour with an intense aroma. Blended from the best arabicas in Central America.

Moka d'Ethiopie

A long-lasting coffee with a good body, wild and strongly-scented aromas.

Fairtrade - Small Coffee Farmers (Des Petits Producteurs)

Cultivated by small coffee farmers in Central America, this strong, fruity Arabica produces an intense aroma with a rich and creamy head.

Fairtrade - La Tierra Organic Coffee

A specially selected coffee from the highlands of Mexico, using organic and fair-trade production methods. It has a consistent pleasant taste with its rich flavours enhanced. This exceptional crop of coffee respects the land and men who cultivate it.

Decafeine d'Arabica

A harmonious blend of the best vintages. Full aroma and rich flavour without the caffeine.  

Tea Pods Menu

Each Malongo Tea Pod is pre-dosed at 7 gms to provide consistent quality to your cup of tea. They are sold in boxes containing 12 pods.

Verveine (Verbena Infusion)

The plants are harvested just before they flower. Reputed for its numerous virtues, verbena helps with digestion and relieves migraines. Each pod is wrapped in natural filter paper and then individually vacuum-packed. This guarantees a perfect preservation of all the essence of the plant.

Camomille Infusion

A perennial plant with strong roots, this infusion has a delicate taste and is known for its many beneficial effects. It stimulates the appetite and facilitates digestion. It is an effective remedy for headaches and toothaches and alleviates various pains. Mild and floral, with a lingering taste.

The Vert Des Jardins De L'Himalaya (Green Darjeeling)

Selected from among the most famous varieties, TeChing tea is cultivated naturally in the regions appropriate for each variety. It benefits from the experience and knowledge of the growers who prepare it by faithfully following age-old traditions. In this way, consumers are certain of drinking a tea of an exceptional quality. This green Darjeeling tea is a refreshing and digestive infusion. Unfermented and with a high level of anti-oxidant, it helps to prevent aging of the cells. It can be drunk at any time of the day

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What are Malongo Pods?

Through the integration of technological innovation and superb espresso, Malongo introduced its concept of

1, 2, 3 Spresso machines with its own selection of carefully designed pre-dosed pods.

Malongo Pods are individually vacuum-packed in natural filter paper to preserve the quality and freshness of the coffee or tea. They are also reinforced with proprietary cardboard rings to give it the perfect seal during the pressurised brewing process.

Convenience, simplicity of use and the consistent quality in every cup has made this ingenious

1, 2, 3 Spresso system an instant hit with consumers.

Refer to the ‘Malongo Coffee Machines’ page to select a machine for your specific needs.

Here is the menu detailing the full range of coffee and tea blends to suit your palate....

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