Office Spresso


Based on the same 1,2,3 Spresso technology, Malongo introduces

a range of stylishly designed Office Spresso models

which boast a sleek body with a stainless steel finish.

As with the other 1, 2, 3 Spresso range, this model boasts of

  1. *quick and easy self-service (espresso in 20 seconds!)

  2. *ease of cleaning

  3. *automatic ejection of used pods.

But it is also an 'intelligent machine' that incorporates

voice technology to alert the user when the water level is low,

or the pod container is full or if there is an error is detected in the process.

It comes in 2 models, the table-top model (left) and the standing model (right).

Each comes with its own water-tank, or can be connected to a water-point

for direct water supply.

Technical Specifications:

* Power 1,000W

* Voltage 230 volts

  1. *Pressure 16 bars

  2. *Safety Features

For table top model (right)

  1. *Water Tank capacity of 2.5 litres

  2. *Weight 14kg

  3. *Dimensions 450x350x280mm

  4. *Choice of stainless steel finish, white or black

colours available.

For standing model (far right)

  1. *Water Tank capacity of 10 litres

* Weight 18.5kg

  1. *Dimensions 1250x350x280mm


The Starpod from the 1,2 3 Spresso range is the perfect tool for

office users, event organisers and cafe operators.

It is a self service, independent unit, which when connected to a

hydraulic system would serve unlimited coffee all day long.

It is also easy to use with its one touch operation, and

programming information shown on the display panel.

Technical Specifications:

* Voltage 230V/50/60Hz

* Power 1.4 KW
* HxLxW 400x260x400 mm

* Weight 10 kg

* Water tank 1.5 L

* Pump 16 bars

  1. *Hot water outlet

  2. *Direct water connection (optional)

1 2 3 Cappuccino / Super-Cappuccino

Using 1, 2, 3 Spresso technology, this machine guarantees a

consistent cappuccino or espresso at the touch of a button.

The machine is also an ‘intelligent machine’, as it incorporates

voice technology to alert the user when certain indicators within

the machine are breached - be it low water supply, full pod container etc.

It can be connected directly to the water supply,

and the water levels and temperature can be easily set and adjusted.

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