The Oh Expresso range incorporates the latest infusion 1, 2, 3 Spresso

technology with a master coffee-roaster’s know-how.

A delightful appliance for both homes and offices, and enables you

to produce espressos just like a pro with its:

  1. *compact design

  2. *ease of use and service

  3. *automatic ejection of used pods into a waste bin.

All you need to do is to insert a coffee or tea pod,

hit the selector button and you will get your beverage in 20 seconds!

There is a selection of 10 coffee blends and 3 tea flavours

from the 123 Spresso range which you can choose from.

For more details on these pods, click here.

The Oh Expresso range comes in two models:

1) Manual

2) Automatic (enables you to pre-program the

required volume to suit the size of your coffee/tea cup).

The water tank is easy to handle and contains an adapter

for Brita Maxtra filters. An indictor simply shows when

you need to change the filter.

Technical Specifications:

* Power 1,050W

* Voltage 230 volts

* Pressure 16 bars

* Water Tank capacity 1.3 litres

* Weight 4kg

* Dimensions 306x200x303mm

* Safety Features

Oh Cappuccino Milk Foamer

A convenient appliance to complement the Oh Expresso

coffee pod machines. 200-300ml of milk can be frothed

within 80 seconds.

At a touch of a switch, you are assured of a creamy milk foam

to prepare an impressive cup of cappuccino or latte.

Technical Specifications:

* Electricity: 220/230V – 50Hz

* Power : 550/600W

* Stainless steel heating disc

* Capacity: 200-300ml cold milk

* Dimensions: H188mm, Ø117mm.

* Volume: 0.6 litre

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