FreshOne G

Automatic machine with grinder for freshly filtered coffee and other beverages by cup or decanter. With connection for mains water supply. Fitted with hot water outlet, plastic drip tray, automatic descaling indicator and rinsing programme.

Canister capacity: 2.8kg

Throughput per hour: 140 cups

Rated power: 230V ~50Hz, 2300W

Dimensions: 335 x 505 x 901 mm

TH Series Model

- Keeps coffee/tea warm for about 4 hours.

  1. -Convenient receptacle to refill water tank. Easy dispensing of coffee or tea from the special airpots.

  1. -Brews both coffee and tea.

  1. -Special Airpot Station for holding 2 airpots and accessories.

- Suitable for catering use.

Round Filtering B-series & B HW-series Machines

Designed to supply large quantities of fresh filter coffee quickly, especially for busy periods when demand for coffee is high.

These machines are equipped with connection for mains water supply with direct brewing into removable stainless steel containers. Fitted with LCD display, descaling system, total and daily counters, coffee-ready signal, built-in clock and optimum safety mechanisms.

Mondo Series Model

Ideal for brewing coffee and tea.

Features a manual filling water system from the front and allows the machine to be placed anywhere.

Two self-regulating hot plates ensure coffee or tea is kept at optimum temperature.

Airpot Station

Customised station to hold 2 airpots and accessories.

Suitable for catering use.